Long Exposure

Lunar Illumination

Driving out to this location, I was hoping that there would still be a deep layer of snow covering the Kansas dirt.  I didn’t realize it would still be this much.  The drift on the north side of this barn was easily three feet deep.  Fortunately it was cold enough that the snow’s surface had frozen over and we were able to walk on top of the snow with out much worry of sinking in.  The one thing I distinctly remember from this night was the bone-chilling wind.  The wind chill that morning had to have been below zero.  Needless to say, I was glad I was able to work most of my camera settings with my gloves on!



Snow Barn

Ventured out into the frozen tundra of southwest Kansas last night in hopes of a grand show of streaking fireballs, blazing across the night sky….yeah, not so much.  The moon must have bleached out most of the faint meteors and the two or three bright ones we saw were just out of frame.  None the less, I had one of the better nights of shooting I’ve had in a while.  It’s always tough to talk yourself into getting out in sub-freezing temperatures but last night was totally worth it.  Shot a few star trails and had some great light with the setting moon.  Did anybody else have check out the meteor shower, and if so, how was the show from your location?

‘Tis the Season’

Another year has flown by and once again it is time to untangle the huge knot of christmas lights and throw them up on the roof.  Decorating for the holidays is always something I’ve enjoyed doing.  I try to set out a big display for halloween as well as for ol’ Saint Nick.  This year I added the candy cane appearance to the poles on the porch and my wife added a strand of multicolored lights to the front bush….what’s that, you don’t see the multi-color strand.  Well, they were “accidentally” unplugged for the picture… 🙂  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Foggy Convergence

Today’s shot takes us back to the iron railway bridge that crosses the Big Blue in Manhattan, KS.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, this location was a complete accident and the fog was just complete luck.  This was my “backup” location due to the fact that there wasn’t any water flowing over Pillsbury Crossing.  I really wanted to get back to the bridge with the fall colors setting in, but I just didn’t have the time while up visiting in the little apple.

Once again, I am torn between the color version of this shot and the B&W.  I still think I like the purple hues of the foggy morning enough that it puts the color version up top for me, but I still like the classic look of the B&W as well.  Opinions?

Hidden in the Mist

Another shot from the first location the morning of the Tuttle Creek Lake shoot.  More of a telephoto landscape shot.  This one shot at 85mm.  Love the mood the fog and reflection create in this shot.

Hidden Dock

Another shot from Tuttle Creek.  I wish I could have had a whole day to shoot this location, but alas, college football got the best of me.  I shot near the lake shore the whole time I was there, but the truly great colors were located about a quarter of a mile off the lake in the park area.  But I definitely wanted to chance to get as many lake shots as I could so I stayed close to the water.

Fall at Tuttle Creek

Took a “few” panoramic shots while up at Tuttle this past weekend.  This is one that I ended up cropping down a little because I felt the original was too long.  I ended up cropping off about 1/4 of the original picture from the right of the scene.  I went ahead and put up a little larger file today so you can see the details a little easier.  To me, it always seems difficult view a panoramic shot online because the shot is so small on the screen, even though it is more detailed than a normal shop typically.  The pixels for this shot ended up being 3942 x 14355, so I think I’ve got enough detail to print out an 8″ x 30″ or so…. 🙂

(click to see a larger view of this shot)