New Site….Same Blog

I have decided to take the next step when it comes to my website and have decided to create my own domain name and wordpress blog.  Here is the link to my new site.  I am still planning on trying to post a new photo every day to the daily blog.  I want to thank you all for continuing to stop by my spot on the net and view my version of photography.  I hope you will continue to check out my latest updates and I look forward to seeing you over at the new site.



Two Thousand and Eleven: A Look Back

Since this is my final post of the year Two Thousand and Eleven, I figured it was appropriate to recap this last year with “some” of my favorite photos.  I have a tough time narrowing things down, so I’ve got quite a few favorites from my photo adventures over the last year.  All the photos are arranged in chronological order and all were taken in the year 2011.

I can’t thank all of you enough for continuing to follow my photography as well as your continued comments and support.  Looking forward to another great year in 2012.

A Minimalist’s Reflection

Simple shot today really.  Have been spending more and more time lately searching out puddles and reflections to see what kind of interesting shots I could come up with.  There’s no question that the inspiration that I used to start this photo expedition came from the king of reflections, Mike Olbinski.  Ever since his storm sunset reflection titled Seventh Heaven, it opened up my eyes to new possibilities and unique shots.

Today’s shot is a simple sky reflection in the middle of a country road.  Really like the blues and soft clouds of this shot.

The Windsor Hotel: Things are Looking Up

We’re back in the atrium for this shot, sitting on the floor with the camera pointing straight up.  I was a big fan of the pattern created by the wood in the center as well as the alternating sky lights.  Got to love a change in perspective once in a while.

The Windsor Hotel: Atrium

Received permission to get into a 120 year old hotel that sits on Main Street where I live.  Kind of a cool building that means a lot to quite a few people around Garden City.  For many years they have been trying to find the funding to restore the hotel to it’s former glory.  The first from this series (hopefully) is a shot of the four story atrium that is at the center of the hotel.  I was only able to shoot for about 1.5 hours this morning due to other obligations, but I hope to get back and shoot some more soon.
The hopefully reference from before is due to the fact that my laptop crashed yesterday evening about 11pm and I was up until around 3am just trying to get it to boot to the login-in screen.  I could care less about the laptop but we’ve got a lot of pictures and videos of the boys on there that we have not transferred to the external HD yet, so I’m in recovery mode to see if I can salvage the files.  Not the way I was wanting to start the week, but we’ll see what we get.

Country Road

Today’s post is another shot of that great sunset I was able to capture a couple of Saturdays ago.  Like I said before, I’m pretty disappointed we weren’t able to track down something to capture in the foreground, but I think the road helps a little.  I have two different captures up today, one that is slightly more zoomed in than the other and from a slightly different vantage point.  I’m thinking I prefer the tighter zoom in this case, but I’d be interested to hear which one you all like the best.

15 Minutes Ago

Today’s shot was taken almost exactly 15 minutes before my previous post’s shot was taken (Fire in the Sky).  With this sunset, there was two different hues projected underneath the clouds.  The first was this golden color then no color and finally the second, which was the orange.  What was especially cool was the over all color cast during the orange. There was a very surreal warm tone to the environment during this time.  Both were fun to observe.  My son even wanted to join in on the fun so he jumped in front of the camera for a quick set of brackets.