Under the Anvil

Had the best storm shooting night I’ve had in a while and the first real opportunity of this year.  Was out eating dinner with the family on the patio, not expecting any thing to develop anywhere close to us.  Then about 8:00 pm, a large line of storms began to develop off to the east.  And these things popped in a hurry.  I was able to get off a time lapse of them developing from my street and then I headed south of our housing edition to get some more panoramic shots.  Ended up shooting from about 7:45 to 10:30 last night.  And think I might have killed, or at least severely wounded my T1i.  Probably have my best time lapse to date, but I haven’t created it yet.  This shot is looking directly at the storm as it explodes.  Once the clouds hit the stratosphere they begin to shoot outward and create a cool anvil appearance to the storm.  This will be really evident when I put up my panoramic shots.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and plenty of photo ops.


7 responses

  1. Wow, look at those clouds! Great shot bud!

    May 20, 2011 at 8:31 am

  2. Isn’t this the part where Will Smith busts out of the clouds riding an alien ship? That is a seriously cool cloud formation. Great work.

    May 20, 2011 at 8:49 am

  3. Incredible clouds, Scott! Just great!

    May 20, 2011 at 11:48 am

  4. Dude! These clouds are awesome! What an amazing capture.

    May 20, 2011 at 11:52 am

  5. Beautiful clouds! Nice job!

    May 20, 2011 at 1:59 pm

  6. That’s awesome those blues are great! Can’t wait to see the Pano’s

    May 20, 2011 at 2:05 pm

  7. That sky is simply unreal. I can’t tell you how anxious I am to get some weather shooting in, but I still have at least a month and a half.

    May 23, 2011 at 1:19 pm

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