Thought we were going to have a great weekend of weather, but it turned out to be a chilly, windy Saturday. However, Sunday was an awesome weather day. The wife and myself spent the day doing the year’s first yard work. This included cutting down dead shrubs to allow the next years veg to grow. My wife had commented how well her hibiscus plants grew last year from her cutting them down so she did it again this year. Of course, it was my job to pick up all the dead material and haul it away. As I was picking up around the hibiscus, I noticed a little greenery already beginning to show up. Thought it looked pretty cool against all the dead material, so I grabbed a few stills.

It’s funny how you say to yourself – “I’m just going to grab a quick shot” or “a few brackets” and that is NOT at all what you do. I know for a fact my wife is not a fan of these words. I think I ended up with around 40-50 shots taken on this plant trying different apertures and angles. Especially considering it takes between 3-5 exposures per composition. Anywho, hope everyone is off to a great start to their week.


One response

  1. That, my friend, is a really cool shot.

    March 21, 2011 at 6:39 am

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